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Grilled corn tortilla, cheese and your choice of protein.
Cheese 11 ½
Vegetables 13 ½
Pastor 14 ½
Chicken 14 ½
Chorizo 14 ½
Steak 15 ½
Restaurant Tacos Montréal
Restaurant Quesadillas Laval

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Craving some mouth-watering quesadillas? Pop by Rrestaurant AriZ5 in Montréal.

The Ultimate Place to Taste Quesadillas

Let yourself be tempted by our quesadillas! These tortillas folded in two and filled with cheese are part of the Mexican culinary heritage and are famous for their unique taste and rich filling.

Crispy as can be, they are traditionally cut into wedges and served as a starter or main course. In addition to quesadillas, our restaurant is also the perfect place for enjoying hamburgers in Montréal.

Our quesadillas are a real treat


Discover what's on our menu.

Our restaurant offers:
  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Contemporary Cuisine
  • A Catering Service
What Sets Us Apart:
  • A Lovely Setting
  • A Homely Atmosphere
  • A Well-Rounded Menu
  • Various Specialties
  • A Warm Welcome
  • A Terrace
Operating Area:

Our restaurant is based in Montréal, just a few minutes from Brossard and Laval.

A Friendly Restaurant Serving Tasty Quesadillas

Our quesadillas are prepared with love and paying attention to every detail, from the choice of ingredients to cooking the tortillas and plating. Other Mexican dishes are also available, including tacos and fajitas.

Our restaurant welcomes people from Montréal, Brossard, Boucherville, Laval and all over Québec.

Bringing you the best of Mexican cuisine is our priority

Quesadillas Restaurant Montréal

Discover what's on our menu.