Tacos Restaurant – Montréal


Our tacos are served individually or in packs of three.
  1 taco 3 tacos
Golden veggie
Taco filled with potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, onions and Mexican sauce.
7 20
Sautéed mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and onions, fresh avocado and Mexican sauce.
7 20
Toluca style
Ground pork, traditional spices, cilantro and onions. Contains almonds, nuts and raisins. 
7 20
Chicken seasoned with salt and pepper, chillies, onions and coriander 
7 20
Marinated pork, Mexican spices, pineapple chunks, cilantro and onions
7 20
Steak, traditional spices and onions.
7 20
Breaded Fish
Breaded fish, red cabbage salad and spicy homemade sauce.
Sauteed shrimps, peppers, onions, cheese and homemade sauce served in a corn tortilla.
Marinated flank steak, Mexican spices, served with guacamole and totopos..
Pulled beef, spicy marinade and cheese, served in corn tortillas and with a hot soup.
Restaurant Fajitas Montréal

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Visit AriZ5 to taste the best tacos in Montréal. Our restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine.

Enjoy Authentic Tacos in Our Mexican Restaurant

Choose from our vast selection of exquisite tacos:

  • Bistek (with steak)
  • Pastor (with pork)
  • Toluca Style (with pork) 
  • Carnitas 
  • Golden Veggie (with vegetables) 
  • Veggie (with vegetables)
  • Shrimps
  • Beer-battered fried fish (with red cabbage salad)

Discover or rediscover the genuine taste of Mexican tacos.

A wide variety of tacos is available: Bistek, shrimps, Pastor, Toluca style, etc.

Tacos Restaurant Montréal

Discover what's on our menu.

Our restaurant offers:
  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Contemporary Cuisine
  • A Catering Service
What Sets Us Apart:
  • A Lovely Setting
  • A Homely Atmosphere
  • A Well-Rounded Menu
  • Various Specialties
  • A Warm Welcome
  • A Terrace
Operating Area:

Our restaurant is based in Montréal, just a few minutes from Brossard and Laval.

The Ultimate Place to Enjoy Tacos

Count on our committed staff to attend to your every need and offer you friendly service. Besides, our restaurant's homely atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and perfect for spending a great time with your friends or family. 

If you haven't yet decided what to have for lunch or dinner, why not try Mexican food and order one of our spicy and tasty dishes, such as fajitas or the famous quesadillas? We also serve hamburgers.

Additionally, wrap up your meal with your choice of dessert and drink. Please, note that we gladly welcome anyone from Montréal, Brossard, Boucherville, Laval and the surrounding areas.

In addition to tacos, we also serve other Mexican specialties, including fajitas and quesadillas

Tacos Restaurant Laval

Our menu at your fingertips.